Silja Zimmermann

PhD Candidate at Utrecht University

I am a PhD Candidate at the Copernicus Institute for Sustainable Development and the Centre for Complex System Studies (CCSS) at Utrecht University. Within my project ‘Tipping the iceberg: leveraging a food transition for indigenous communities in the Bering Sea’, I seek to identify and initiate pathways to a sustainable future food system for two Arctic indigenous communities on the Pribilof Islands. I love to work transdisciplinary and want to combine knowledge from different disciplines in my research to get a holistic understanding of Arctic socio-ecological systems. More precisely, I adopt a complex systems perspective to identify leverage points in the food system and assess whether complex systems science combined with transdisciplinary approaches can lead to actual changes on the ground.

As a geographer and conservation ecologist by training, I’m also keen to understand how Arctic ecosystems and species respond to climate change and how to protect them.