Below you find an overview of APECS mentors in the Netherlands. Mentors can help polar early career researchers (ECS) with all sorts of polar career related questions. ECS can contact the mentors directly, but our advice is to do this via the APECS NL contact form to be properly introduced. Also if you are looking for scientists with a specific background, but which are not in the list, please contact us to help you further.




Annette Scheepstra

  • Coördinator Willem Barentsz Poolinstituut
  • Guide in Polar regions


Stef Bokhorst

  • Polar Terrestrial Ecologist at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam


Maarten Loonen

  • Arctic population ecologist at University of Groningen


Corina Brussaard

  • (Polar) Marine Viral Ecologist at the Netherlands Institute for Sea Research
  • Professor Viral Ecology at the University of Amsterdam


Loes Gerringa

  • Polar Marine Chemist at the Netherlands Institute for sea Research