Jolande Venema

Social Design / Illustration student at Willem de Kooning Academy

This animation is a video introduction of my graduation project for the Willem the Kooning academy in Rotterdam. It shows the research from Wim Z. Hoek et al. about changes in the ecology of a high-Arctic lake in East Svalbard due to global warming. As a student I dive in to the question of how I can visually translate scientific data into an immersive experience. For my graduation project I’m working together with dr. Wim Z. Hoek, Senior Lecturer-Researcher Geomorphology and Quaternary Geology at the University of Utrecht. In our collaboration I strive to translate his research and findings from the SEES expedition in 2015, in to a tangible experience in the form of a digital installation. With that, I want to show that humans always have been connected with nature and that our actions influence the surroundings that we are part of.