APECS Netherlands – Board

Deborah Bozzato is a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Groningen, with a passion for algae ecophysiology. Her current research focuses on how and why Arctic phytoplankton produce sulfur molecules and what this means for the Arctic climate. During her PhD, she investigated the impacts of climate change on photosynthesis and respiration in Antarctic phytoplankton. Deborah is looking forward to being part of APECS Netherlands, sharing her enthusiasm for Polar regions!

Silja Zimmermann is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University. In her project, she works on sustainability transformations within Arctic food systems. Her research involves the active engagement of Arctic indigenous communities as she tries to show how complex systems studies combines with transdisciplinary approaches can lead to actual changes on the ground. Silja is grateful for the opportunity to be part of APECS Netherlands and hopes to see many of you at this year’s polar symposium!

Christian de Kleijn formerly studied polar soils at Wageningen University and has been captivated by the polar regions during his internships in Iceland with Landgræðslan and Skogræktan and a month of fieldwork on Svalbard. This cold lover and ice cream connoisseur is currently looking for his next career step in polar sciences.

Rúna Magnússon is a PhD candidate at the Plant Ecology & Nature Conservation Group of Wageningen University, where she studies interactions between vegetation successions and permafrost degradation on the North-Eastern Siberian tundra, and their response to precipitation. She’s been with the board of APECS NL for a while now and stays for a little bit longer to help Deborah, Silja and Christian find their way, after which she’ll wrap up her PhD and board duties and explore new (hopefully polar) horizons!

Esther Kokmeijer, born in Dokkum, The Netherlands (1977), is an artist, explorer, designer and photographer, currently residing in Rotterdam and working around the globe. Seasonally she works as an expedition photographer and polar guide, in the Arctic and Antarctic. She is the founder of ANTARKTIKOS, a magazine that is solely dedicated to Antarctica, co founder of Cosmic Water Foundation and part of the art collective If Paradise Is Half As Nice.

If you are interested in becoming a board member in the future and being involved in the organisation of APECS events, please fill out the contact form.