New Date for the Polar Symposium

Dear registered participants and speakers of the postponed polar symposium planned for 2 December 2021!
We regret to inform you for a second time that due to the COVID-19 measures still in force until mid-March we have decided to postpone our polar symposium planned on 17 March to Thursday 19 May 2022. As you know this symposium was originally planned for 2 December 2021. The current COVID-19 measures that the venue has to apply still make a comfortable meeting with ample opportunity to meet in person impossible. We expect substantial improvements in May that will enable us to realise one of our major goals: bringing the polar community in person together. The symposium is again not lost, only postponed to a better, hopefully, less COVID infested window in time. Some adjustments to our initial programme will become necessary, but with the support of the community, we are confident that we can fill in the gaps with inspiring alternative sessions and presentations.
We hope and trust you understand and support our decision. When we have put together again our adjusted programme will we contact all registered (2 December 2021) participants with a request to register again for a new date. We hope you will join us on 19 May 2022.

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