Polar Symposium: postponed to March 17th!

We regret to inform you that due to the new COVID-19 measures in force from 13 November until 4 December, NWO NPP, APECS NL & DAC had to decide to postpone our polar symposium planned on 2 December to 17 March 2022. This has been a difficult decision for us, but we unanimously agreed it was the right one under the current circumstances. The symposium is not lost, only postponed.

Employers at the moment are once again urging their personnel to work as much as possible at home and only to come to their office when it is absolutely necessary. Visiting a symposium during the current surge of COVID infections nationwide does not qualify for many of us as an absolute necessity. We start to receive signals from participants and our support staff they feel not comfortable attending this event. To stay within current COVID restrictions we could have made adjustments and cancel the socializing parts of our programme. But in doing so we would lose one of the most important parts of our symposium objectives. Facilitating meeting and greeting each other in an informal way as a networking polar community. We were not prepared to do so.

We hope and trust you understand and support our decision. In a short time will we contact all registered
participant with a request to register again for a new date and an adjusted programme. We give it another chance, we hope you are with us again on 17 March next year!!!

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