It’s Our Birthday & New Board!

Greetings Polar enthusiasts!

Today marks our anniversary as a National Committee within APECS. What better time than this to share our call for new board members…

Call for board members

Dear APECS members in the Netherlands,

The APECS Netherlands National Committee is professionalizing and expanding its activities. After some relatively quiet years, we have a new sponsorship coming in and we are professionalizing our national committee. We are looking for new board members to carry APECS Netherlands into the future and help us set up engaging activities.

A position as board member comes with diverse tasks and opportunities. We represent the APECS Netherlands in the APECS Council and on (international) congresses. We have a new website ( with news and member pages and share news and opportunities on our social media channels. We’ve been organizing outreach events in the past, which we would like to continue offering, and we aim to start organizing courses and networking events specifically aimed towards young polar researchers. More generally, a position as board member allows you to grow your network within the Dutch Polar community and be involved in events like the Dutch Poolsymposium.

Please contact us ( if you would like to deepen your experience as a polar researcher and join our board. We are looking for:

  • An early career polar researcher[1]
  • .. who can invest several hours per week into helping run APECS NL and represent APECS NL at APECS meetings and (international) events[2]
  • .. and is a committed individual that is motivated to enrich the experience of early-career polar researchers in the Netherlands

[1] APECS definition of early career: being in school or <6 years beyond a degree (with an extra year per child if you took time off to be the primary caregiver)

[2] If this sounds like a large amount of time, realize that being involved in professional networks and outreach can really help build your cv and network, can earn you credits from your graduate school as a PhD and can likely be added to your tenure track portfolio. 

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