We are building a page to promote YOU!

Dear members of APECS Netherlands,

We are giving our website a small facelift before the online Polar Symposium 2020. You may notice all annoying adds are gone, and that you can now reach us via apecsnetherlands.com. (Don’t worry, the old address apecsnl.wordpress.com will continue to work as well).

But we realized that the most important thing was still missing on our website, and that’s YOU! We want to offer our website as a platform for ECRs to showcase themselves and their research on a “member page”. This can be a nice way to share your work and enhance your online visibility. To make this page, each member is invited to submit a photograph, video, cartoon, frostbite or other type of medium + a small biography / text. We will gradually start placing these on our website and share your contributions via social media. If you’re interested (and we think you probably should be!), please submit your contribution + text via this google form: https://forms.gle/bYMSo37Ujqw4P5ig6. We hope that this way, we can better showcase and unite the Dutch polar research community.

We hope to be able to provide many of you with a platform for your work!

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