IASC Fellowship Programme 2021

Have a look at the IASC Fellowship Programme 2021 aimed towards engagement of ECS’s in the working groups of IASC:

The application deadline for the IASC Fellowships is on 16 November. IASC is looking for 6 fellows this year, one for each of our WGs and one Indigenous Fellow. More information can be found here https://iasc.info/…/news-archive/659-iasc-fellowships-2021

IASC is also soliciting applications for three new Working Group Secretaries for the AWG, SHWG, TWG. Duties for the Working Group Secretaries include preparation and secretarial support for the Working Group meetings, tracking of activities’ deliverables, and communication with the Working Group and the central Secretariat during the year. More information is available on the IASC website https://iasc.info/…/665-call-for-three-new-iasc-working… . The application deadline is on 6 December.

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