Upcoming Events

Dear Polar Researchers!

While we are still reflecting on a successful end of 2018, with the solargraphy project and the NWO symposium, we’d like to share some upcoming events that may be of interest. Please know that you can always contact us directly if you’ve got interesting news or events to share with the wider polar research community.

Pool tot Pool dag

On the 9th of March, the annual “Pole to Pole” day will take place in Leiden. We are currently trying to assemble an “APECS NL delegation” to attend this symposium and to showcase what polar early career researchers work on in the Netherlands. This event includes lectures from a large variety of disciplines and an information market. Please not that the lectures will be in Dutch. Please contact us directly, should you be interested in joining this event.

Doing Research in Remote Areas

Then graduate school WIMEK of Wageningen University will host two events that may be of particular interest to polar researchers. Firstly, coming Friday the 22nd of February they organize an evening programme (starting 17.30) focused on doing environmental research in remote areas, including an Antarctic documentary and a lecture by a psychologist. Members of APECS NL are invited to join this evening, and drinks and dinner will be provided.

Secondly, WIMEK hosts a “Wilderness First Aid” training during the weekend on June 1st – 2nd. This is a highly condensed First Aid course tailored towards people working in remote areas where medical services are not immediately at hand. Polar early career researchers may find themselves working in such environments, sometimes even leading expeditions with students, and having a background in first aid can be very valuable (or even essential). More information on the course can be found here.

Contact us directly, or send a message to board member Rúna to register for either of the two WIMEK events or for further questions.

Icewhale Foundation

On Monday february 25th, Herman Sips (Icewhale Foundation) will give a lecture (in Dutch) titled “De IJswalvis, balaena mysticetus”. More info below in Dutch:

De lezing bestaat uit twee delen: vóór de pauze is de lezing gericht op de IJswalvis (of Groenlandse walvis) zelf en haar “zang”. Na de pauze is er aandacht voor de Icewhale Foundation en haar plannen om een serie wetenschappelijke expedities te lanceren naar de Framstraat (tussen Groenland en Spitsbergen) met een speciaal gebouwd schip.

De lezing begint om 19.30 uur; de kosten zijn € 2,-. Voor studenten € 1,- ; studenten van de minor Arctische en Antarctische Studies gratis.

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