APECS Polar Week

September 17-23 is APECS International Polar Week. Polar Week is a series of events happening globally, with the goal of promoting the science taking place in polar latitudes.

This September, the theme is #PolarNumbers with a focus on showcasing quantitative aspects of your own polar education and research interests. Everyone deals with numbers – whether it be, for example, the number of penguins in your study, the number of days you spent in the field this summer, the year of a historical event, a statistically significant data point in your recent research, or just your favourite polar-related number – we want to know!’ We encourage you to share your #PolarNumbers through a series of fun and professional activities online. Use the #PolarNumbers hashtag on your social media channels to share any quantitative aspect of your research or join one of the challenges.

To find out more about the events and how to participate, please visit the APECS Polar Week website.

APECS NL does not host any particular Polar Week activities, but in the near future we will announce some events for December, so stay tuned!

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