Workshop on Building with nature in the Arctic

The Dutch Arctic Circle (DAC) is organizing a workshop around “Building with Nature in the Arctic”, in collaboration with Ecoshape and Van Oord. This workshop is part of the Blue Week Rotterdam. The workshop is open for all and free of charge.

“The Dutch business, academia and government have bundled their Arctic knowledge, expertise and experience in The Dutch Arctic Circle (DAC). The DAC enhances, with support of Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the development of best practices for human activities in the Arctic. Changing climatological conditions lead to a vast increasing accessibility of this vulnerable area. In this workshop we want to apply the concept and experiences of Building with Nature developed by Ecoshape on the Arctic. We would like to broaden this concept with the experiences of the participants in this workshop. Prepare to engage with this beautiful, pristine and sometimes harsh environment.”

Date(s) – 28/05/2018
13:30 – 15:00

STC, Rotterdam

For more info and registration, visit

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