Questionnaire NWO Committee Polar Infrastructure (CPI)

Dear Polar Scientists!,

You might have already received this message via an email we have sent around this week, but just to be sure we reach as many active polar researchers as possible here is another call to fill in a questionnaire of the NWO on the current polar infrastructure and needs from the active polar research community in the Netherlands.

Deadline for the questionairre is the 20th of June, so to make sure that – we as the Dutch polar community – have a say in the current discussion on polar infrastructure, it is necessary to have as many respondents on this questionnaire as possible!

The message continues below! And for those that can’t wait to start filling in the questionairre, here is the link! 🙂

Questionairre NWO Committee Polar Infrastructure (CPI)

Kind polar greetings from the APECS Netherlands Board!

“Dear polar scientist,

The Board of NWO has established a temporary Committee on Polar Infrastructure (CPI) with the objectives to:

1. Advice whether the Netherlands Polar research should have its own research infrastructure

2. To identify an optimal future scenario for the financing and management of the polar infrastructure i.e. the Dirck Gerritsz laboratory, the station at Svalbard, the mobile weather stations and possible new facilities and all associated equipment as well as the MOUs with foreign Polar Science Institutes such as AWI and BAS and possibly others.

The Committee kicked off in March 2017 and a draft report with findings and recommendations is due in August. The CPI members are:

Dr. Renuka Badhe (NWO – European Polar Board)
Robert Blaauw – Chairman – (RJBC Arctic & Energy)
Prof. Corina Brussaard – (NIOZ)
Mascha Dedert – (NWO – NPP)
Prof. Theo Elzenga (RUG)
Erica Koning (NIOZ)
Dick van der Kroef (NWO – NPP)
Prof. Rinus Wortel (em) – (UU)

The insights of the diverse Dutch Polar Science community is a key component in support of the findings and recommendations and we value your complete and unfiltered views.

To this end we request you to complete and submit the questionnaire via the weblink below at the latest by 20 June 2017. You will receive a draft report before the report is send to the board. In addition, we may call you to seek further clarification if required.

In due course we will share the outcome of the CPI work with all involved.

We look forward to receive your feedback and thank you in advance.

On behalf of the CPI,

Robert Blaauw”

Enquiry NWO Committee Polar Infrastructure

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